Clinical Trials Overview

We are devoted to discovering and developing medicines that improve the lives of patients with the most difficult-to-treat diseases. As part of that process, we must conduct clinical trials to establish their efficacy, safety and tolerability to gain approval from regulatory agencies in the United States and around the world.

Patient participation in clinical trials is important. If you are chosen to enroll in one of our trials, you will be participating in important health research and helping to advance the scientific understanding of cancer.

Read more to see where our clinical trial sites are located and the types of diseases for which we are evaluating our investigational medicines.

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Study Phase Disease Type(s) Investigational Medicine Status  
Phase 1 Atopic dermatitis Soquelitinib Enrolling More Info
Phase 1/1b Multiple solid tumors

CPI-006 + ciforadenant
CPI-006 + pembrolizumab
CPI-006 + pembrolizumab + ciforadenant

Phase 1/1b  T-Cell Lymphomas Soquelitinib Enrollment Complete More Info
Phase 1b/2 Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) Ciforadenant + ipilimumab and nivolumab Enrolling More Info

*Corvus partner, Angel Pharmaceuticals, is enrolling this clinical trial in China.

For more information on our product candidates, please see our Annual Report available in the SEC Filings section of the website.

Our Science

We are developing immunology focused medicines that target the most critical cellular elements of the immune system

Who We Are

We are committed to developing better medicines to improve the lives of people with cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases