Our Approach

With our clinical science-driven approach, we are pioneering the development of precisely-targeted medicines for cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases.

Our mission is to develop improved medicines to treat patients with the most difficult-to-treat diseases by furthering the science behind drug development. We are taking a multi-pronged approach to cleverly design medicines with differentiated mechanisms of action, targeting critical cellular elements of the tumor-immunity axis, such as B cells, T cells, and lymphoid tissues.

We have developed a deep pipeline of investigational agents – both small molecules and antibodies – that are designed to precisely modulate molecular targets that are well-defined and measurable. This allows us to identify biomarkers to help select the patients who can benefit most. We evaluate our investigational medicines in intelligently-designed, rigorously-conducted clinical trials to:

  • Assess their safety, tolerability and efficacy in patients
  • Understand how they work at the biological level and confirm their mechanism of action
  • Identify relevant biomarkers
  • Increase clinical development success by first establishing monotherapy activity, followed by potential combinations with other immuno-oncology and standard of care therapies

We believe in putting patients first. With that in mind, we report our preclinical and clinical data promptly and frequently at major scientific meetings, so our research can be used by others to advance medicine for the benefit of patients.

As our goal is to grow our pipeline, we continue to seek new opportunities both from our own research as well as from outside resources.


We are committed to developing better medicines to improve the lives of people with cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases

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