Our Products

We have multiple product opportunities that target several important immune cells. These products are designed to be used either alone or in combination. Inhibiting multiple components of the immune system may reduce resistance to therapy.


CPI-444 is an orally administered antagonist of the adenosine A2A receptor. It is designed to block the action of adenosine that is produced by tumors. CPI-444 will enter a Phase 1b study in early 2016. In collaboration with Genentech, this study will evaluate CPI-444 as a single agent and in combination with the investigational agent, atezolizumab, an anti-PDL-1 antibody.

Adenosine production inhibitor (a monoclonal anti-CD73 antibody):

Corvus has developed a humanized anti-CD73 monoclonal antibody. The antibody binds to the enzyme CD73 and has been shown to block its catalytic activity, inhibiting adenosine production by tumor cells.

We have initiated IND-enabling studies for the development of this antibody in potential clinical trials in patients with advanced cancer.

Adenosine A2B antagonist:

We are evaluating several orally administered antagonists that are selective for an alternate adenosine receptor known as A2B. We believe that targeting A2B may be important for patients with certain types of cancer. We expect to conduct studies similar to those we have conducted with CPI-444 in order to select a clinical development candidate.

Interleukin-2 (IL-2)-inducible T cell kinase (ITK) inhibitors:

We are developing orally administered and covalent inhibitors of ITK. ITK is an enzyme that is expressed predominantly in T-cells and is homologous to the target of ibrutinib (BTK), an approved treatment for patients with certain B-cell cancers. We believe inhibiting ITK may be of therapeutic benefit for patients with T-cell cancers or, because of potential immune enhancing properties, for solid tumors.